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The Official Star Wars Box for Kids Ages 6 and Up!

Full-sized storybooks, collector cards, wearables and more

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Exclusive 96 Page Illustrated Hardcover Storybook

(Great for ages 6 and up, plus collectors of all ages!)

12 Collectible Galactic Profile Cards

(featuring character, technology, and vehicle profiles from the movies)

FREE Official Star Wars Youth T-Shirt

(Choose your size!)

Jedi vs Sith Sticker Book

(Create your own keepsake Star Wars guide with 50+ stickers of characters, weapons and transport devices.)

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your Padawan’s training with
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

your Jedi Archive with
a new shipment each month.

your collection with BONUS GIFTS
in future shipments


BOOKS Each 96-page illustrated storybook has been written to make it easy for younglings to follow along by breaking each episode into shorter chapters. There’s also a databank of key terms and a who’s who guide for key characters in the story.

CARDS WITH STORAGE CASE Each set of cards provides a more in-depth look at a scene from a film, with profiles on some of the characters, vehicles, and technology that appear throughout the saga. They are a fun and useful reference to help understand the story and an heirloom collectible in their own right. Each set is packed in a card box and a storage case for all the cards will be sent for free with your second Star Wars Epic Adventures package.

ULTIMATE STICKER BOOK The full-color Sticker book lets your Jedi-in-training have some hands-on fun. Learn about the light side and the dark side by matching stickers of characters with descriptions. Lots of extra stickers included!

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With every monthly package you and your family will be transported to a galaxy far, far away.
Shipments are delivered in the order of the Star Wars story,
so your young Padawans can follow the saga as it unfolds and perhaps
become Jedis for life! Future shipments are just $19.98 + $3.99 Shipping and handling.

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"I'm a geeky parent and loved the idea of introducing my kid to something that means a lot to me. He isn’t ready to watch the movies yet, so this is giving us something to do together. I unexpectedly learned a thing or two as I was reading with him!"
–– Tyler M.
(Charter Member)